The Democratic Party has failed us, the Republican Party has failed us, the Green Party has failed us, Socialism, Fascism, Communism have all failed the people. It's time for a new party, a party that you can stand behind!

Today's politicians will continue to waste your time and money by their never ending congressional hearings that will amount to a bunch of hot air! No one will be indicted, no one will be arrested and no one will be going to jail.

Phone calls to these politicians have failed, letters to these heathens have failed, emails will continue to be purged. It's time for a new approach! Send these politicians a ToysParty Coffee Cup or a ToysParty T-Shirt let them know how you really feel.  Buy one for yourself, a friend or a foe, you decide!

We have provided the official addresses of the Senators, Representatives and Governors above, where you may send them their ToysParty coffee cup or their ToysParty T-Shirt. Both cups and shirts can be repurposed, both nationally or internationally, YAY!

Disclaimer: Toys Party is not an official party backed by any organization or any legitimate political party/individual.